Lisa Lemke is a freelance food creator, foodstylist, pizzeria-owner and television chef. For about fifteen years, we have been able to follow her relaxed, creative and glimpse approach to cooking and recipecreation in mainly Swedish food magazines, newspapers and magazines, but also in foreign magazines. Her many cookbooks are also translated and have also been awarded both in Sweden and abroad. One of her cookbooks even won silver in World Cookbook Awards in 2014.

Lisa has been cooking in national TV since 2011, runs her own youtube-channel ”lisa på landet”(lisa on the countryside) and is also a populair host, presenter and moderator for different events like fairs, awards and debates. She also does a lot of lectures talking about everything from setting goals, being an entrepreneur, balance in life and buisness to having fun at work and also about digging where you stand.

Lisa lives in a small village on the countryside on the swedish westcoast. A big, old house, that used to be a rectory, is the base for her creation and work. Here she lives with her husband, who´s also a chef, the two small children and lot´s of animals. In all of the kitchens that we find both indoors and outdoors on the farm, flavors from all over the world come together. Following the seasons, and using as local groceries as possible is a powerful motivator for Lisa, and with inspiration from her many travels around the world she creates recipes based on a simple food philosophy. Cooking should be simple, prestigeless, fun and make people come together. And working in a sustainable way for both earth, animals and human beings. ?

One of the best things with the house if you ask Lisa is the old woodfired stone-oven in the old backyard-house. This is rebuilt into a foodstudio and a popular weekend-pizzeria where Lisa and her husband work mainly with local products. It has become a huge success and people are traveling from all over the country to visit the pizzeria. Today most of Lisas work is made from the house, not to mention her own youtube-channel where you can follow her daily life on the farm. At the neighbour-farm which also has a small vineyard, Lisa is also running the bbq-barn Aska bbq together with her husband and other colleagues and friends.

The small village Skrea backe is perfect for a family so passionated about food. There you can find both free-range eggs, chickens, bees, the cutest Highland cattle-cows with the nicest meat, a small cheese-dairy and the family´s closest neighbours are organic farmers with sheep and lamb. As Lisa says, It´s our little paradis!

Lisa has two cookbooks in english, The summer table and now, just released autumn 2017, The winter table. (Sterling publishing) 

Are you interested in working with Lisa or getting in contact with her?
Email lisa@lisalemke.se or call +46 70 - 527 18 73